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Infinity Ward to Make MW2 Orion Camo Animate Faster


Infinity Ward has listened to the community and will make the Orion camo animate faster after community backlash in Modern Warfare 2.

While unlockable skins for guns have been in Call of Duty for years, animated skins are much rarer. There are typically challenges that must be completed to unlock these weapon skins and for the ultimate prize, players will be treated to the Orion camo skin, a space-themed animated skin.

While this sounds like a great prize on paper, the skin has received backlash from the community as the animation plays out incredibly slowly in-game, leaving many to feel that the reward was not worth all of the grinding done to receive it.

Infinity Ward to Make MW2 Orion Camo Animate Faster

In a recent tweet, Infinity Ward, the developers behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 showed off their updated animation for the Orion weapon skin. While the animation shown off was faster than the one currently in the game, many players still felt it was too slow to be considered an animated skin.

Despite the initial community backlash the Orion weapon skin faced, it is important to note that Infinity Ward have been listening and took the necessary steps to fix the issue.

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