Initial Thoughts on Neon: How She'll Play, Counters, and Partners

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Initial thoughts on Neon, the newest agent that will be released for the upcoming Act 4, Episode 1 have been quite positive, especially with her youthful spirit and abilities presented in the most recent agent trailer, there is much anticipation for the newest agent Neon. But beyond the positive remarks that Riot Games is getting for Neon, her abilities and classification are still surprising, as information about Neon has been released from the recent agent trailer.

Initial Thoughts on Neon: How She'll Play, Counters, and Partners

Riot has made a very impressive display of the new agent Neon, considering they had stated they would not be releasing any new duelists until they balance the classes, then adding Neon as a duelist. Other than the contradictory statements, there is much promise in this new agent, as the trailer shows a young, energetic spirit who deeply cares about her family and home, with a little plush toy at her side.

How Neon Will Play

From the trailer, Neon is shown displaying her abilities. With just speculation, her abilities may contain a sprint, a slide of some form, a throwable item that concusses its opponents after it bounces after some time, a dual wall barrier that appears to reveal the location of opponents close by, and finally her ultimate which is a beam of electricity that can cause damage when in contact directly with the beam. 


Neon was highly pushed as the rival of Jett, with similar fast-paced abilities, hopefully, we can see Jett being dismantled as the best agent in Valorant, or at least have the rankings adjusted with Neon’s approaching release.

Best Agents to Work With Neon

Since Neon’s abilities align more with being able to push towards the enemy, she needs agents who can support her healing-wise and from a long distance. With these two factors, Sage and Chamber would be ideal partners for Neon as one can support her with health boosts and the other can assist from a distance.