Insurance building Fortnite is the hint leading players toward the location of the latest Fortbyte to be released. Fortbyte #76 might take multiple tries to collect because of where it can be found, but if you use this guide, at least you'll know where to look.

Insurance Building Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte #76

The insurance building referred to by the official Fortbyte #76 is found smack in the middle of Neo Tilted, where it stands just southwest park as one of the few survivors of the various calamities that have hit the Fortnite map.

Head to the second floor of the building, where you're looking for a dramatically lit diorama depicting many of those aforementioned calamities. Smash the volcano with your harvesting tool of choice and you should find yourself face to face with Fortbyte #76. Pick it up, then do your best to get out of Tilted alive.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games