Investigate a Mysterious Energy Pokémon Go

New questline gives players an opportunity to catch Victini
New questline gives players an opportunity to catch Victini / Photo Courtesy of Niantic

Investigate a Mysterious Energy Pokémon Go is a new line of quests that allows players to catch Victini after completing several of the challenges. The legendary Pokémon joins several other mythical Pokémon including Celebi, Jirachi and Meltan that have been made available through the Special Research questlines.

Here is how you can catch Victini by Investigating a Mysterious Energy in Pokémon Go.

Investigate a Mysterious Energy Pokemon Go: Catching Victini

Victini made its debut during Go Fest 2020. Players were able to catch the mythical Pokémon after completing missions from the Rocket Straight to Victory questline. This time around, players must complete quests from the Investigate a Mysterious Energy, which was previously known as the Feeling of Victory event in order to catch Victini.

The quests include six steps with quests within them such as win three gym battles, earn three candies walking with your buddy or win three raids. Each quest offers rewards ranging from Hyper Potions to Victini Candies. After completing several of these quests, players will be given the opportunity to catch Victini.

Niantic has not set an end date for the event but it will be advantageous for players to complete the event as soon as possible. Losing out on this opportunity, especially if you did not get a chance to pick up Victini at the Go Fest 2020 event, could be something you regret in the future.