iOS 14 Pokémon GO: What's Changing

Here's what coming in the iOS Pokémon GO Update.
Here's what coming in the iOS Pokémon GO Update. / Photo by Niantic Labs

iOS 14 Pokémon GO has been giving some players issues after Apple surprised users with the new iOS. Niantic has already issued a fix in a new update. Here's what's coming in the iOS 14 update for Pokémon GO.

Apple released iOS 14 earlier yesterday in a surprise update. A new operating system inevitably brings compatibility issues to games working on an earlier firmware, and can come as a surprise for players who have automatic updates on their devices.

iOS 14 Pokémon GO: What's Changing

The surprise comes in the middle of the second week of Mega September events. Luckily, not much time was lost for the collaborative event as Niantic quickly updated the game for iOS 14 last night.

The compatibility issues from the update have been fixed, and Niantic is giving out an item bundle as an apology gift for the unexpected downtime. Otherwise, there are no updates to the game for the new iOS. It's unknown what freebies are in the item bundle, but we won't be left in the dark for long as it will be given out tomorrow.

If you updated to the latest iOS and can't access the game, you will need to update Pokémon GO to continue playing. If you didn't update iOS, you should not have noticed any hiccups.