Iron Crown Collection Event: Everything You Need to Know

Respawn Games has released their plans toward a new event for Apex Legends yesterday, along with a taste of the deeply craved solo-mode. Are you ready to be the one who reigns this month?

Here's everything you need to know about the Iron Crown Collection event this far.

Iron Crown Collection Event

This event will run from Aug. 13 to Aug. 27 and features the widely anticipated solo-mode as part of its run for a limited time.

Solo-mode is something players have been requesting for a long time. Many are already calling for the mode to become a permanent feature of the game with others speculating that, if it performs well enough, it most likely will be. Such has happened before with ranked mode and the Bloodhound event so it stands that this isn't a poor hypothesis to make.

Bloodhound with his new suit of armor for the event.
Bloodhound with his new suit of armor for the event. /

Not much about the actual event has been released thus far, unfortunately. Respawn seems to want to keep us all in suspense until our time to take the Iron Crown for ourselves. What we do know, based on the trailer, is that new skins will be available for the characters during the event.

Bangalore with her new pseudo-chain mail look.
Bangalore with her new pseudo-chain mail look. /

The theme of this event sounds like a callback to the hit television series "Game of Thrones"—replacing the "Iron Thone" with "Iron Crown" is clever ploy, here. The new skins also seem to be giving off the same impression with that medieval armor look.

The real question is: are we going to see "dragons" before this is all over?

Photos courtesy of Respawn Games.