Is a Pokémon Presents Happening in February 2023?

The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Presents, a portion of Nintendo Directs (often shortened to simply "Direct"), is where the Pokémon Company announces any relevant upcoming Pokémon related news.

These announcements will typically reveal information about main series and side games alike, and otherwise are the main primary source for breaking news relating to Pokémon.

While they only take up a fraction of the entire livestreamed broadcast's time, they still happen to contain a lot of essential information and are often where new games are announced, like the most recent releases, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Is a Pokémon Presents Happening in February 2023?

There is no indication of a Pokémon Presents, nor a Nintendo Direct, happening next month.

This is not to say that it cannot happen, as Directs tend to only be announced only a short time before they actually occur, but rather, there's no concrete evidence supporting a Pokémon Presents for February 2023.

Even though the past two years have had a Direct in February and another in August, there is no set rule that this will be the case for every year since this pattern was established.

However, with the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in November, whenever the next Pokémon Presents will be, players should expect a DLC announced for the games rather than an entirely new game to be announced. But again, with Nintendo, anything can happen.

We'll give you a heads-up on when the next Nintendo Direct and consequently, Pokémon Presents, is revealed, but the official website for directs can be found here.