Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Cross Platform?

Courtesy of Cold Iron Studios
Courtesy of Cold Iron Studios /

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite cross platform?

Aliens Fireteam Elite is the newest edition to the long and storied Alien franchise. This title drops players into a co-op world where they will work together to kill both Xenomorphs and androids in four separate campaigns. The third-person survival shooter launched Aug. 24 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. However, players will have to fight the monsters of the Alien franchise with their friends on the same consoles, as Aliens Fireteam Elite does not support Crossplay.

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Cross Platform?

The game will be launching on all major gaming platforms other than the Nintendo Switch, but the team in charge of the game, Cold Iron Studios, has decided to keep each system separate from one another. The developers have decided to stay away from allowing those on different consoles to play with one another for the time being, even though this has become a relative norm in gaming today.

While the new title may not be available for cross-platform play, it is still available on most gaming platforms at a price of $39.99. So for those who enjoy the world of Alien, a new story is ready for players on all systems to hop in, with more Xenomorphs to destroy.