Is AP Twitch Playable After Patch 13.5 Nerfs?

Image courtesy of Riot Games

In the most recent patch update for League of Legends, Riot Games opted to nerf a specific build that a majority of Twitch players were utilizing recently. Although Twitch is an ADC champion, players were building him with Ability Power (AP) items rather than Attack Damage (AD) items.

Alongside the unique AP item build, players were playing Twitch in almost every other role except ADC. As players utilized Twitch's Ambush (Q) to play him in the roles of support, jungle, and even mid. His invisibility allows him to roam around the map and sneak up on lane opponents, and he can only be spotted by control wards.

Riot decided to nerf the AP ratio on his Contaminate (E) from 35% to 30%, as he was able to do way too much damage with the mainstream AP build.

Is AP Twitch Playable After Recent Nerfs

One of the most popular Twitch players in the League of Legends community, RatIRL, recently posted a video playing AP Twitch mid after the nerfs. In the game, it seemed like Twitch still had incredible damage and burst. So, It looks like the AP Twitch build is still playable, even with the 5% AP damage change to his main ability.

The main question is whether the AP changes were enough to make Twitch's AD build better. The problem with the AD build is that Twitch rarely plays as an ADC, as he prefers to move around the map to get kills on unsuspecting opponents. Therefore, it is likely that the AP Twitch build is still the best build on the champion, and you can expect to continue seeing it played relatively frequently in various roles.