Is Apex Legends down has been the talk of the internet Sunday as server issues starting running amok.

Players started reporting issues regarding connectivity to the servers Sunday when they booted up Apex Legends and couldn't get on the game. It turns out they weren't the only ones affected by server issues.

Multiple Electronic Arts games experienced server malfunctions including Battlefield V and FIFA 19. So, is the game still down?

Here's how to check if Apex Legends is down.

Is Apex Legends Down? Players Experiencing Issues Connecting to Servers

There are multiple ways to check if the Apex Legends servers are up and running or down. The first way is the @EAHelp account on Twitter. This is EA's main account for dealing with server issues, account issues and the like.

This account tweets out updates regarding server status as they are made. During the May 5 outage, the actual @PlayApex account didn't tweet anything. The help account is the one you want to follow.

Other third party sites such as IsThisServiceDown and DownDetector are also good resources. Players who experience issues and use the services report them to the site. Then, multiple reports can pull together if there's a major outage or just something in your area.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment