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Is Back 4 Blood Split Screen?

Is Back 4 Blood split screen?
Is Back 4 Blood split screen? / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios/WB Interactive

Is Back 4 Blood split screen? The split screen option is a classic way for friends hanging out on the couch to play the same game together, making the multiplayer experience even more immediate than online multiplayer. It was a hallmark of Left 4 Dead, the spiritual predecessor to Back 4 Blood, so it seems like a natural fit for Turtle Rock Studios' latest co-op outing. But does the feature actually appear in-game?

Is Back 4 Blood Split Screen?

Unfortunately for all those hoping to finally get some in-person gaming in now that COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, Back 4 Blood doesn't offer a split screen multiplayer option. Players will instead have to content themselves by playing online multiplayer with their friends.

Turtle Rock Studios hasn't completely ruled out the idea of adding the feature in the future. When a fan on Twitter asked the studio if it would include split screen back in May, before Back 4 Blood was released, the studio said it heard "you and everyone else who really, really wants it," and that fans should "stay tuned." It's possible a future patch or expansion to the game could add the much-requested feature. For now, though, online is the only multiplayer option.