Is Baldur's Gate 3 Turn-Based?

We're going back to the Forgotten Realms
We're going back to the Forgotten Realms / Larian Studios

It’s time to delve back into the Forgotten Realms with Larian Studios’ latest title: Baldur’s Gate 3. The Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired RPG boasts multiple engaging storylines, 12 classes and 11 races from the official D&D Player’s Handbook, exhilarating combat, and much more. Baldur’s Gate 3 is out on GOG and Steam for $59.99. You can pre-order the game on PlayStation 5 for $69.99 to play it on September 6th.

The first two games of the Baldur’s Gate series featured real-time combat, and people wonder if Baldur’s Gate 3 will do the same.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 Turn-Based?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is indeed turned-based. 

Some players aren’t enthusiastic about the combat system shift, as they prefer the real-time fighting style from previous titles. The excitement of real-time combat comes from having to react quickly to survive. Players don't have time to consider their actions carefully, and split-second decisions are essential to gameplay. 

Turn-based combat stays true to the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game that started the franchise. This system allows players to think more critically about defeating enemies. They have to plan ahead of time and strategize to see which method leads to victory. This kind of combat adds tactical depth and challenge to games, though it tends to be a lot slower than real-time combat.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, characters can do three different things on their turn: movement, actions, and bonus actions. As you may have guessed, “movement” is used to navigate the battlefield. Actions are attacks your character can do. Each class also has a unique set of actions. Characters can also take a bonus action, which allows them to perform an extra move. 

If you’re considering a higher-priced edition of Baldur’s Gate 3, here’s a rundown of each version.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Editions

Digital Deluxe Edition

Basic Information:

  • Platforms: PlayStation 5
  • Price: $79.99
  • Physical Copy Available: No
  • Digital Copy Available: Yes

Pre-order Bonuses:

  • 72 hours early access
  • Divinity Bard Song Pack
  • Exclusive Dice Theme
  • Treasures from Rivellon Pack
  • Adventurer’s Pouch
  • Digital OST (Original Soundtrack)
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Character Sheets

Collector’s Edition

Basic Information:

  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5
  • Price: $269.99
  • Physical Copy Available: No
  • Digital Copy Available: Yes

Pre-order Bonuses:

Digital Rewards:

  • 72 hours early access (for PS5 version only)
  • Exclusive Collector's Edition Dice Skin
  • PC or PS5 Dice Skin 
  • Divinity Bard Song Pack
  • Mask of the Shapeshifter
  • Cape of the Red Prince
  • Lute of the Merryweather Bard
  • The Needle of the Outlaw Rogue
  • Bicorne of the Sea Beast
  • Paintings from Rivellon
  • Adventurer's Pouch
  • Digital OST
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Character Sheets

Physical Rewards:

  • Custom sticker sheet
  • 25cm Mind Flayer vs. Drow battle diorama
  • 160-page hardcover art book
  • Cloth map of Faerûn
  • Set of D&D-inspired origin character sheets
  • Metal tadpole keyring
  • Magic: The Gathering booster pack
  • Custom-engraved metal d20 based on the dice from Baldur's Gate 3
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Mind-flayer-inspired collector's box.