Is Bear and Breakfast Coming to the Switch?

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Will Bear and Breakfast be coming to the Switch?

Bear and Breakfast is a newly released indie simulation game where players are in control of a bear as they manage their own bed and breakfast (see what they did there?) Bear and Breakfast management system will have players taking care of customers and using profits to upgrade and expand their business.

The game also will include some mysterious and creepy easter eggs that are hidden in the surrounding woods. These easter eggs will help expand the game's lore and explain why the bed and breakfast was initially abandoned. The game was released on Steam on July 28, but here is the release information for the Nintendo Switch Version.

Is Bear and Breakfast Coming to the Switch?

Unfortunately, there is no set date for Bear and Breakfast's Switch release. The devs announced that the Switch version is still in development after they decided that "playing with a controller did not feel as good as we wanted."

The devs are still very committed to making the switch version work, stating that they are working tirelessly and will have the game out no later than a "couple of months." They also announced that once the game releases on Switch, the PC version will be receiving an update that supports controller play.