Is Bear and Breakfast Free-to-Play?

Courtesy of Gummy Cat and Nintendo
Courtesy of Gummy Cat and Nintendo /

Is Bear and Breakfast free-to-play?

Bear and Breakfast released on July 28 and is currently available on Steam. The popular indie game at first glance, a standard simulation game where players manage their own bed and breakfast. Despite how innocent the game initially looks, there are dark secrets hidden within the forest surrounding the bed and breakfast that reveals in game lore and other easter eggs.

Players will be able to upgrade their establishment, explore the areas around them, and interact with locals to purchase goods and services. Each room in the player's bed and breakfast is fully customizable, so there is plenty of potential to build a unique bed and breakfast.

Since it is an indie game, fans are wondering how much the game costs, or if it is another free-to-play indie title. Here's how much Bear and Breakfast costs.

Is Bear and Breakfast Free-to-Play?

Bear and Breakfast is not free-to-play. The current listing on Steam is $19.99. While the game is not free-to-play, it is fairly priced for an indie game. Since Bear and Breakfast is on Steam, there is the possibility of the game getting discounted at some point. The Switch version currently has no set price point, but expect it to be the same as the Steam version.