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Is Bel'Veth Coming to League of Legends Wild Rift?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Bel'veth, Empress of the Void, is the newest champion to become a part of the League of Legends roster. She's meant to be a jungler with high attack speed, and can spawn voidlings that help push the lane for her team. She hungers for the end of the world, and players hunger for the chance to play her already. We know when she will be released for PC players, but when will Bel'Veth be available for Wild Rift?

Is Bel'Veth Coming to League of Legends Wild Rift?

Unfortunately, no official news has been released about when or if Bel'Veth will be coming to Wild Rift. Wild Rift is still working on add all champions from the PC version, with 79 champions available in the Wild Rift roster at the time of writing this article. We can assume Bel'Veth will be added one day, but we have to be patient as the Wild Rift team adds all the other missing champions as well.

Bel'Veth will be added to live servers on June 9. For now, she will be tested on the PBE servers to get her ready for official release on PC.