Is Biomutant Co-Op?

Is Biomutant co-op?
Is Biomutant co-op? / Photo courtesy of Experiment 101/THQ Nordic

Is Biomutant co-op? The game's player-v-environment setup seems like a perfect fit for some classic co-op adventuring, fighting monsters side by side with your friends a la Monster Hunter. So does the game include the feature?

Is Biomutant Co-Op?

Biomutant is an open-world action role-playing game that gives players the chance to customize their classes and loadouts for maximum efficiency. It likely reminds players of both Monster Hunter and Outriders, two games released in the last few months that make use of cooperative multiplayer.

Unfortunately for those looking to get into some cooperation-al exploration in Biomutant's bright and colorful world, there are no co-op options in the game. In fact, there are no multiplayer options at all. Biomutant is strictly single-player, and developer Experiment 101 has announced no plans to add a multiplayer mode to the game in the future.

Biomutant was released earlier this week, on May 25.