Is Bleach Coming to Fortnite?

Artwork from Bleach: Brave Souls
Artwork from Bleach: Brave Souls / Courtesy of KLab

Rumors have been circulating of a Bleach x Fortnite collaboration. But are any of them true?

After the success of Fortnite's Dragon Ball collaboration, the community has been anxious to see some more anime icons get the battle royale treatment. Before Goku and Vegeta dropped into the island we saw two waves of Naruto characters enter Fortnite, accompanied by themed quests and dedicated Creative islands.

There's certainly space for more anime collaborations to occur in the future, and fans already have their eye on a potential Bleach crossover. With the anime heading into the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, fans have been hoping for a Fortnite tie-in.

Is Bleach Coming to Fortnite?

Without any confirmation from Epic Games, it seems at this time a Bleach x Fortnite collaboration is just wishful fan-thinking. Even the game's top leakers haven't heard or seen anything, so it's likely that there's no truth to these rumors. That doesn't rule the crossover out entirely, however. Epic has been known to listen to fan demands when it comes to their Fortnite crossovers, so maybe we'll see a Bleach addition sometime in the future.

In the meantime, the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack will be releasing digitally on Oct. 22. The pack features a set of skins inspired by anime for some of the game's original characters, though the pack doesn't contain any actual anime icons for players to grab. The pack contains 10 items in total, including Outfits and other cosmetics.