Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a Sequel to Jet Set Radio?

Check out these moves!
Check out these moves! / Team Reptile

Team Reptile first released a teaser trailer about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk in 2020. It showed a vivid world in which players get to show off skateboarding tricks like sliding, grinding, and wall-running while tagging the city with graffiti.

Given Bomb Rush Cyberfunk's similar themes, many people wonder if this title is a sequel to Team Reptile's Jet Set Radio, which was released in June 2000.

Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a Sequel to Jet Set Radio?

No, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is not a sequel to Jet Set Radio. It is a spiritual successor, meaning it is inspired by Jet Set Radio but not directly connected. The game shares many elements with Jet Set Radio, such as its cel-shaded graphics, its focus on skateboarding and graffiti, and its upbeat soundtrack. However, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has a distinctive identity, with a separate cast of characters, a unique storyline, and gameplay mechanics.

The game was originally scheduled to come out in 2022, but Team Reptile made the tough decision to postpone Bomb Rush Cryberfunk's launch. According to the developers, the game wouldn't be up to par with their standards if they stuck with the original release date.

Fans were left disgruntled, but the delay might be worth the wait. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a must-have for devoted fans of Jet Set Radio. It captures the same sense of style and energy while adding a twist. If you're looking to paint the town red — and every other color of the rainbow, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is worth checking out.