Is Bonelab Crossbuy?

Stress Level Zero

Bonelab is now available for the Meta Quest 2 and PC. Purchasable for $39.99, this game tests your physics skills as it takes players through an underground research facility. The VR game debuted on Sept. 30 and is based in the same universe as Stress Level Zero's Boneworks. Offered on multiple platforms, there has been confusion around whether Bonelab allows for crossbuy.

Is Bonelab Crossbuy?

Though Boneworks was only offered on the PC, Bonelab is available on multiple platforms. The crossbuy feature is found in the Oculus store and, when bought, enables players to have access to both the PC-supported and standalone version of the game. Please note, if the game is purchased through Steam, it will be locked to that specific platform.

With this, players are able to crossbuy with Bonelab. The founder of Stress Level Zero, Brandon Laatsch, replied, "Yes" in a tweet that answered a fan's question about whether the game is available for crossbuy.

After the game is purchased, players are able to play the game on both PC-supported Rift and Quest headsets. Each operating system offers players a different and unique gaming experience, so having the crossbuy feature means players won't have to buy the same title twice and can enjoy the game on both platforms.