Is Borderlands 3 Cross Platform?

Is Borderlands 3 cross platform is valuable information when it comes to knowing what game version to purchase and play if you'd like to spend time with your friends. Having cross platform play supported means your choice in machine won't affect your quality time with friends or your playstyle when teaming up for missions and side quests.

Here's what you need to know about cross platform compatibility with Borderlands 3.

Is Borderlands 3 Cross Platform

Unfortunately, as much as we had to be the bearer of bad news, the answer to this question is no. Borderlands 3 does not have any cross platform features and Gearbox Software didn't have any plans to include them—at least at launch. You'll be stuck playing with whoever decides to also purchase your version of the game on your platform.

However, Gearbox employees have let it slip that there are some cross platform play options in the making. The company is committed to and working on ways to make their game available to play across all its available platforms.

It looks like players can expect to see cross-platform play supported in Borderlands sometime in the future as the development team is wholly committed to making sure players will have the option to play with the close friends of any console.

Image courtesy of Gearbox Software