Is Breaking Bad in Fortnite?

Image Courtesy of Epic Game

Epic Games has been enjoying their partnerships with Fornite as they have been releasing crossovers such as the collaboration with Fall Guys, Destiny 2, Matrix, and possibly Breaking Bad. It is rumored that there will be a Breaking Bad and Fortnite collaboration based on what leakers have shared on social media. Here is everything we know about the leak.

Is Breaking Bad in Fortnite?

The rumor of Breaking Bad being in Fortnite began after Breaking Bad's Guys Fring was spotted in the Fortnite crossover survey. Epic Games released the crossover survey to collect data from their player base, which they regularly do. According to leaker HYPEX, Epic Games included Breaking Bad's Gus Fring in the latest survey. Breaking Bad is not the only one with characters mentioned in the survey. HYPEX included a list of other characters, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Charli D'Amelia, Black Adam, and many more that were mentioned in the survey.

HYPEX clarified that Epic sends surveys to prioritize collaborations over others. The survey helps Epic Games decide what the players are looking for, based on the number of votes they consider prioritizing the collaboration.

The platform TikTok was also mentioned in the survey as part of a category. Players were asked to mention any dances they have seen while using the application, hinting that they might be adding new emotes inspired by trending dances from TikTok.