Is Cities: Skylines 2 Steam Deck Verified?

Cities: Skyline 2 has yet to be Steam Deck verified.
Cities: Skyline 2 has yet to be Steam Deck verified. / Colossal Order

It has been years since the original Cities: Skylines came out. The city-building simulation challenges players to manage a gigantic city by controlling roads, public transportation, budget, and countless other things. Cities: Skylines 2 recently came out, and players want to know if it’s Steam Deck verified.

Is Cities: Skylines 2 Steam Deck Verified?

Cities: Skyline 2 isn’t Steam Deck verified, and it’s barely playable on the device.

It’s unlikely Cities: Skylines 2 will become Steam Deck verified since the first game was never verified for the handheld. 

Pro Game Guides shared that it’s not worth buying the game for the Steam Deck since performance drops as low as 10 FPS and stays at around 20 FPS.

This shouldn’t be surprising, given that players have trouble running Cities: Skylines 2 on high-end PCs. Many are facing problems that include lagging, unloaded buildings, and even game crashes. Several issues occur, especially when players expand their cities.

Players may see a slight increase in performance on the Steam Deck after adjusting the games’ graphics performance. Cities: Skylines 2 still won’t look good on the device after making the changes. 

I’d wait until Colossal Order releases patches for Cities: Skylines 2 and purchase the game on PC. For those who don’t want to wait, try these recommended settings to improve Cities: Skylines 2:

  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1280 x 60Hz
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen Windowed
  • VSync: On
  • Game Cursor Mode: Free
  • Depth of Field Mode: Disabled
  • Global Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Dynamic Resolution Scale Quality: Disabled
  • Anti-aliasing Quality: Low SMAA
  • Clouds Quality Setting: Medium
  • Fog Quality Settings: Enabled
  • Volumetrics Quality Settings: Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality: Medium
  • Global Illumination Quality: Medium
  • Reflections Quality: Medium
  • Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Terrain Quality Settings: Medium
  • Water Quality Settings: Medium
  • Level of Detail: Very low
  • Animation Quality: Medium