Is Cult of the Lamb on Switch?

Image courtesy of Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

Adorable, yet disturbing, roguelike Cult of the Lamb has finally launched — but is it on Nintendo Switch?

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital launched Cult of the Lamb today, Aug. 11. Players take on the role of an innocent lamb who escapes the sacrificial altar thanks to a mysterious and onimous being. In exchange for salvation, the lamb must now build a following of worshippers and cleanse the world of non-believers.

The game combines roguelike dungeon crawling with a life-sim twist. Imagine if Animal Crossing took a really dark turn.

Players eager to get their hands on this latest indie title might be wondering if it can be played on the go, via the Switch?

Can You Play Cult of the Lamb on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Cult of the Lamb is available day one on the Nintendo Switch. The game is available in both digital and physical formats. Cult of the Lamb's quirky and captivating art style make it the perfect game to try out in handheld mode.

Players can pick up the title on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch,, and Steam.

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