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Is Dead by Daylight Split Screen?

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Is Dead by Daylight split screen? The 1-v-4 survival horror asymmetric online game does scream LAN party fun, but does it actually support it? While in theory, the game could be a blast split screen, any survivor knows they need as much room to see as they can have.

Is Dead by Daylight Split Screen?

Currently, Dead by Daylight has no split screen and players doubt there will ever be any support for it. The game is meant to be experienced both as a team and as a solo survivor. There are a lot of killers that are built around stealth and every survivor understands the stress of scanning your field of vision for a sulking Michael Myers trying to stalk you. If you had to share a screen with someone else, you'll never see that killer behind the window crack, slowly Stalking you to death.

Now, you may find a modder that has created this very scenario. We've seen modders create first-person survivor which might be the most horrifying experience in Dead by Daylight history. But nothing official is in the works.

For those paying attention to the current state of the game, Behaviour Interactive recently disabled the Clown due to an unattended increase to his movement speed. While the Clown isn't the most popular killer, there has been a lot more variance since the nerfs to multiple survivor perks. Hopefully, Behaviour finds a fix fast.