Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

Dambuster Studios

Later this month, players will be California Dreamin' - or maybe Nightmarin' - in Dambuster Studios' zombie action game Dead Island 2. The much-anticipated sequel takes place in a quarantined West Coast nicknamed Hell-A. The first game in the series, developed by Yager Developments, was open-world, so is Dead Island 2 sticking with the original's structure or moving to something more linear? Here's what we know.

Set 10 years after the original Dead Island, Dead Island 2 takes place in the zombie-infested cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, where players must contend with endless hordes of ravenous undead - almost indistinguishable from real life.

Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

Dead Island 2 will take place in an open world. Players will be able to explore large swaths of Hell-A and San Francisco at their own pace, much like other open-world games. Along the way players will be able to complete numerous side challenges, activities and missions, potentially unlocking some of the game's many trophies along the way.

If exploring Hell-A sounds exciting, it might be worth pre-ordering the game and get access to exclusive bonuses, though be sure to check the game's system requirements before making the purchase.