Is Destiny 2 Down? Server Issues Arise During Gamescom

Is Destiny 2 down has been the question on all player keyboards this Monday afternoon.

Players were concerned about not being able to log-in and connect to their accounts this afternoon and took to Twitter to find the source of the issue. Fortunately, Bungie Games has an account with the sole purpose of keeping its fanbase up to date with the latest on server health.

Is Destiny 2 Down?

Destiny 2 servers have been brought down for scheduled maintenance in preparation for Cross Save on Aug. 21, according to the latest from Bungie's Help twitter account.

Players should not expect to be able to access the game from 12:45 p.m. onward.

Bungie has brought the services back online at the time of writing, however, players may still experience issues as the maintenance isn't fully over yet.

Maintenance is expected to come to a complete end at 1:30 p.m., but players who are still experiencing issues are encouraged to report to the Help Forum.

Photo courtesy of Bungie Games.