Is Dota 2 down? There are multiple ways to check the Dota 2 servers, alas, Valve doesn't have an official site to check, but there are plenty of third-party websites to check.

If one of the sites are down, just check one of the others.

Is Dota 2 Down? How to Check the Dota 2 Server Status

To check the status of the Dota 2 servers, you can check here, or here, or this one!

As of right now, the Dota 2 servers are up and running! Which is good news as the The International 9 Battle Pass was launched last week. The Battle Pass is highlighted by the Wrath of the Mo'rokai special event. Other selling points include the Jungle Expedition, the Coach's Challenge and more.

There are three entry levels of purchase for the Battle Pass:

  • Battle Pass Standard - $9.99
  • Battle Pass Level 50 - $29.35 (Includes standard Battle Pass + Level 50)
  • Battle Pass Level 100 - $44.99 (Includes standard Battle Pass + Level 100)

The International 2019 is set to take place Aug. 15-25 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Photo courtesy of Valve