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Is Elden Ring Crossplay?

Crossplay in Elden Ring is looking very unlikely
Crossplay in Elden Ring is looking very unlikely / FromSoftware and Bandai Namco

Is Elden Ring crossplay? Crossplay is a feature that is to be expected in a lot of new games that come out, but Elden Ring's crossplay is purely speculative right now.

Is the Elden Ring Crossplay?

There is no concrete word from the developers on whether Elden Ring will be crossplay or not.

An October 2020 4chan leak stated the game should come out in March or April, now we have a confirmed January date. The leak went on to correctly predict the four-player co-op capabilities, surely a feature that got circulated a lot during the end of development, as for a Soulsborne game, this is a big deal.

This same leak said that Elden Ring would have crossplay or cross platform capabilities between Xbox and PC, but would work to integrate PlayStation crossplay.

Unfortunately, this portion of the leak seems to be incorrect. You would think if crossplay were to be a thing, it would be mentioned at least once by the developers. Instead, FromSoftware highlights the four-player co-op as the big feature of Elden Ring, and rightfully so.

With no official word from the developers, the prospect of Elden Ring being crossplay is looking not great, and Elden Ring will more than likely have no crossplay on launch.

It's interesting to note that FromSoftware opted to remove the multiplayer features players came to be used to with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. FromSoftware developers believed that multiplayer would not fit in the game they crafted. There is a chance that with what they have created with Elden Ring, cross-platform is something that would not work with the final vision of the game.

Elden Ring is available for pre-order right now, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.