Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform?

Is Elder Scrolls Online cross platform is a great question to be asking. It's not uncommon for games who exist on multiple platforms to have a stance on cross-platform play. Whether it's an available feature or not, a title's cross platform ability is crucial information if you're looking to make friends or run some dungeons with an existing buddy of yours.

Here's what we can tell you about cross platform compatibility in ESO.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform?

Unfortunately, ESO is not cross platform compatible. The way their server system is set up makes this feature impossible. The different servers corresponding to different platforms exist separate from each other in a way that switching in a way akin to from the North American megaserver to the European megaserver just isn't possible.

The closest the development team at ZeniMax Online Studios has come to cross-platform play is combining PC and Mac players on the same server.

The reason for this most likely has to do with a initiative to level the playing field when it comes to player-vs-player content. Different control set-ups give the chance for one platform to have the advantage over others which could impact the losing party's enjoyment of the game.

Despite this, however, it appears that a cross-platform agenda is rapidly becoming the future of gaming. Here's hoping this installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise doesn't get left behind.

Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC and Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Image courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios