Is EmilyBlaster Free-to-Play?

Courtesy of Knopf

With the upcoming release of "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" and its accompanying promotional game, fans have been wondering if EmilyBlaster is free-to-play. EmilyBlaster is completely free-to-play and is available to play now on Gabrielle Zevin's official website.

EmilyBlaster is a fairly short game with an interesting concept: piece together the words of famous Emily Dickinson poems. You do this by shooting balls from the bottom of the screen at words flying down in a gameplay experience reminiscent of Space Invaders and Peggle. At the end of each level, you're graded on how accurately you recreated the passages of Emily Dickinson shown to the player before each level.

Is EmilyBlaster Free-to-Play?

EmilyBlaster is completely free-to-play and can be played without any download or major game platform like Steam or Epic Game Store. The game is played directly in any major web browser similar to the Google Doodles.

It makes sense that EmilyBlaster is so accessible since its main purpose is to promote Gabrielle Zevin's upcoming book. Videogames aren't as popular for promotional purposes as they used to be, especially to market books, so it's refreshing to see more creative advertising. Information about "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" as well as the link to play EmilyBlaster can be found on Gabrielle Zevin's official website.