Is Ereban: Shadow Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?

Courtesy of Baby Robot Games

Will Ereban: Shadow Legacy be on Xbox Game Pass?

On June 12, Xbox and Bethesda held a game showcase that featured heavy hitters such as Starfield and Overwatch 2, but also featured an abundance of third-party indie titles. A standout from Xbox's indie line up is Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a futuristic, sci-fi stealth game. The story seems to follow a character named Ayana, who is the last of her race, and will consist of her sneaking her way through different areas to find the truth about her species. Ereban: Shadow Legacy also sports a vibrant art style with unique graphics that are sure to catch gamer's eyes.

Is Ereban: Shadow Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?

Despite the recent announcement, Ereban: Shadow Legacy still does not have a set release date. All that was given was that the game will be released next year, sometime in 2023.

Even with the ambiguity surrounding the game's release date, Xbox and developer Baby Robot Games announced that Ereban: Shadow Legacy will be available on the Xbox Game Pass the same day it is released.

The Xbox Game Pass has been highly praised and successful, and it looks like Xbox will be continuing this positive trend by giving players free access to this interesting indie game the day it launches.