Is FIFA 21 Cross Platform? What You Need to Know

Photo by EA Sports

Is FIFA 21 cross platform?

No, unfortunately EA Sports' popular soccer franchise doesn't support cross-platform play despite numerous franchises starting to embrace the feature. Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rocket League, to name a few, already have cross-platform systems and those communities have responded positively. While EA Sports hasn't moved to make FIFA cross-platform compatible yet, there are some positive notes about cross-generational play.

Is FIFA 21 Cross Platform? What You Need to Know

The video game community is preparing for the release of next-generation consoles in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

EA Sports already confirmed that those who purchase the current generation version of FIFA 21 receive dual entitlement to the next-gen version. That's a good start, but the biggest bonus is for Ultimate Team fans.

While there's no cross-platform play, players in each console family will share the same Transfer Market and progress in FIFA 21. Each market, depending on how many users transfer over to next-gen, should be larger thanks to dual entitlement. Over the course of time it should settle somewhere around the norm for both Xbox and PlayStation, but it's an easy transition for fans.

It's worth nothing that Xbox and PlayStation users can only move over to the next console in the same family with dual entitlement. Xbox users cannot move to PlayStation 5 by buying a single current-gen copy. The same goes the other way.