Is FIFA 22 Cross Platform?

Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 22 will not be available as a cross-platform game. That is as short and sweet an answer can be for the main question on everyone's mind.

The game will be the same as it was in FIFA 21, where you will match up with players who are playing the same version of the game that you are.

Is FIFA 22 Cross Platform?

Unfortunately for GCIIMessi who tweeted about his desire for cross platform FIFA, he will once again be disappointed as FIFA 22 will be without a cross platform feature.

To clarify, you can matchup with next gen console players if you are on a current gen console, but they must be playing the same version as you. An example of this is that if you are on Xbox One, in order to match up with a player on Xbox Series X or S, they must be playing the Xbox One version of FIFA 22.

Cross Platform gaming in future FIFA installations is still up for debate, and there are many arguments for it. The main one in my opinion is that a cross platform feature allows users to connect with their friends more on FIFA regardless of what console they have.