Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to Xbox?

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Xbox fans are wondering if they're going to get their shot at Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here's what you need to know.

It was an ambitious project that blew the minds of gamers everywhere when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced back at E3 2015. The game acts as a retelling of the iconinc JRPG from 1997, giving players a literal new perspective and a deeper dive into the city of Midgar. The remake only covers the beginning of the original story, expanding that small section out into a fully-fledged game.

With a short livestream having been announced for Final Fantasy 7's 25th anniversary, streaming tomorrow on June 16, many are hoping to receive news on the second part of the Remake. Director Tetsuya Nomura previously confirmed that news on the Remake would be coming this month.

News of the livestream has also prompted many fans to wonder whether we could be seeing Final Fantasy VII head to Xbox consoles.

Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming to Xbox?

At the time of writing, there are currently no plans to bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to Xbox consoles. In December 2019, the game was announced to be a timed PlayStation exclusive until December 2021, but there was little information on the game heading to other platforms.

In December 2021, however, the game was given a PC port. Though an Xbox release was still nowhere to be seen.

Given that news surrounding the Remake will be given during tomorrow's livestream, it the game is getting an Xbox port it will likely be announced then. However, no information has been given over the specifics of the anniversary livestream and its announcements, only that it'll last roughly 10 minutes.

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