Is Fire Emblem Engage a Sequel to Three Houses?

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage, the newest game in the Fire Emblem series, has the player follow Alear, the newest protagonist, and many other units in their journey of restoring peace to the world.

The game's newest mechanic, the Emblem feature, has Alear and other characters equip rings that "sync" them with heroes of Fire Emblem past. These Emblems permit them to boast new skills, weapons and even the ability to merge with the characters within the emblems.

Is Fire Emblem Engage a Sequel to Three Houses?

As mentioned before, Fire Emblem Engage will have previous heroes available within the Emblems that the main characters will have to use in battle. One of these heroes is Byleth, the protagonist of Fire Emblem Three Houses. According to Nintendo's website, the "Emblem of the Academy" can use many different weapons and tactics to aid in combat.

Byleth's presence in the game implies Engage takes place after the events of Three Houses, but it does not appear to be a direct sequel. Fire Emblem Engage's story seems entirely unique to itself and will see a new cast of characters fighting to save the continent of Elyos from ruin.

Engage will contain several new features, while also keeping some that were present in its Switch predecessor, Three Houses. With the slew of new combat aspects, both long-time fans and new players alike will be able to find interest in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage will be available for purchase on Jan. 20, with several waves of downloadable content following its release throughout this year.