Is Fortnite Getting a Doctor Who Crossover?

via FNBRintel

Fortnite could be set to get its next bizarre crossover after leaks have hinted at a possible Doctor Who collaboration.

At this point we shouldn't be surprised at any property getting the Fortnite treatment, but there are certain collaborations that have been hard to picture. We've had the likes of Dragon Ball, Rick & Morty, even Ariana Grande has been given her own Fortnite cosmetics. Now, thanks so some known Fortnite leakers, there's talks of Doctor Who entering the battle royale.

Fortnite leaker @FNBRintel on Twitter was first to make the claim, saying in a tweet, "A Collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who is currently in the works! However, it seems like it's early on in development, and probably won't be released for a few months!"

The leaks were soon corroborated by popular leaker @ShiinaBR who claimed to have seen evidence of the upcoming collaboration.

At the time of writing, Epic Games has yet to confirm the existence of the crossover and neither leaker has given a definitive timeframe for when it could emerge. The extent of the collaboration is also unclear. We could see full Outfits of the show's many Doctors, and a possible range of themed cosmetics. FNBRintel followed up their original post by saying, "This time it's a full collaboration not just a spray."

Should the leaks be true, we'll likely see more information emerge over the coming months.