Is Fortnitemares Coming Back in 2022?

Epic Games

With summer over, Fortnite players will be looking ahead to the next seasonal celebration — but is Fortnitemares returning in 2022?

Fortnite has no shortage of spooky, Halloween-inspired Outfits and cosmetics for players to get their hands on, and what better time to celebrate them than in the Fall. Typically taking place during the month of October, many fans are waiting to see if Fortnitemares will be returning in 2022 as we head closer towards the Halloween season.

Last year, players were able to grab two Outfits from the Universal Monsters Set — Frankenstein's Monster and The Mummy. As the weeks went on, more characters and Outfits made their Item Shop debut, including The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes, Spacefarer Ariana Grande, and more.

So, can we expect the same celebrations to happen this year?

Is Fortnitemares Happening in 2022?

According to known Fortnite leaker HYPEX on Twitter, Epic Games have already begun prepping the event in Save the World which means there's a very high chance that it'll be coming to Battle Royale, too.

Epic Games hasn't officially confirmed that Fortnitemares will be returning, yet. Given the popularity of the event, and how much Fortnite likes to roll out limited-timed events, there's a strong possibility that we'll be seeing it return next month in the Battle Royale.