Is Gallade or Gardevoir Better in Pokemon GO?

Is Gallade or Gardevoir better in Pokemon GO? The question has been asked by many in the Pokemon community after the August Community Day which featured Ralts.

If you evolved your Ralts to either Gallade or Gardevoir during the event, your Pokemon learned Synchronoise. Which is a strong psychic-type move, but unlike other community day Pokemon, it's not the strongest Psychic type attacks available.

Is Gallade or Gardevoir Better in Pokemon GO?

If you have a male Ralts, you can evolve him into a Gallade, a decent fighting-type Pokemon. But if you have a female, you get Gardevoir, the best Fairy type Pokemon in the game.

If you have a choice, Gardevoir should be your selection, and learn Synchronoise giving you a strong Psychic attack then use stardust to learn another move to learn a Fairy attack. That way you have the best possible combo for Gardevoir.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo