Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC? Nvidia Leak Renews Question

Is Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC?
Is Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC? / Photo courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Is Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC? As one of the premier PlayStation 5 titles, it has so far seemed unlikely the samurai action-adventure title would ever leave PlayStation exclusivity, but new rumors have renewed questions about the odds of a PC port.

Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to PC? Nvidia Leak Renews Question

A list of game titles collected from an Nvidia database leak that took place earlier this week included Ghost of Tsushima. In the immediate aftermath of the leak, fans speculated this could indicate a PC release for the game was planned.

Nvidia soon confirmed the list was real, but said that several of the titles on it were purely speculative. It did not specify which entries were speculative and which were real, leaving Ghost of Tsushima in the grey zone of uncertainty.

Prior to the Nvidia leak, eagle-eyed observers noticed that Sony had removed the "Only on PlayStation" banner from the game's box art. That same move has preceded the reveals for PC versions of previous PlayStation exclusives Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, but in itself hardly confirms a PC version is in the works.

The final factor in calculating the odds of a Ghost of Tsushima PC port is that Sony has an established — though fledgling — strategy around porting exclusive titles to PC, as indicated by Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. Both games were touted as PlayStation exclusives for the first two to three years after their release, but once that time had elapsed, they brought both to PC.

PlayStation acquired the PC post-focused studio Nixxes in July, underscoring the company's ambitions for PlayStation titles to arrive on PC. All this makes it plausible Ghost of Tsushima would eventually come to PC, but fans may have to wait quite a while before it does.