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Is God of War Coming to PC? Nvidia Leak Stokes Rumors

Is God of War coming to PC?
Is God of War coming to PC? / Photo courtesy of Sony

Is God of War coming to PC? As one of the most prominent PlayStation exclusives of the PlayStation 4 era, the game has attracted plenty of interest from PC-only players looking to get their hands on the affecting action-adventure title. But what do we know for sure about the odds of a God of War PC port?

Is God of War Coming to PC?

Well, not much. But there's plenty of rumor fodder, most recent of which was a database leak at Nvidia that included scores of unreleased titles. Although Nvidia has confirmed the list was legitimate, it also said it included several speculative titles — that is, titles that it did not know for sure were in the pipeline.

Of course, Nvidia did not specify which games in that list were speculative, leaving ambiguity for rumor mongers to stoke their engines.

Also in favor of a PC release for God of War: Sony's strategy around PlayStation exclusives seems to have transitioned into a long period of exclusivity followed by a PC release. That's the trend followed by Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, and it's one PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst seems to be putting money behind — Hulst oversaw the acquisition of PC port-focused studio Nixxes Software earlier this year.

On the other hand, if a PC port of God of War were coming, it would make sense to announce and release it before the sequel, Ragnarok, arrives in 2022. That way, PC players would become invested in the story and grow more likely to buy a PlayStation 5 to play the new game.

That scheme is still possible, but the window is rapidly closing, making a God of War PC port seem unlikely — at least for now.