Is HI-FI RUSH Free to Play?

Tango Gameworks

HI-FI Rush is an action-packed, fast-paced and rhythm-based combat game released on both Steam and Xbox as of yesterday.

Players play as an aspiring rockstar named Chai, and together with his friends players must take down an evil mega corporation called Vandelay, by defeating each of the corporation's departmental bosses.

The game's distinct art style and thrilling soundtrack (as should be expected for a game talking about the music industry!) set it apart as one of gaming's most refreshing games as of late.

Is HI-FI RUSH Free to Play?

Hi-Fi RUSH can be purchased on Steam for $29.99, with the deluxe edition coming in at $39.99. Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition includes several bonus skins and in-game items necessary for better upgrades to weapons.

Players can either buy the game and the Deluxe Edition separately, or buy them as a package deal to say a dollar or two, whichever choice the players choose, if they do decide to buy the Deluxe Edition, will ultimately make no difference.

Hi-Fi RUSH has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from players on the Steam review page for the game. This, combined with several other factors, definitely making it a game worth trying out for players either already interested in fast combat games, or people looking for a game with excellent story-telling and rich sound design.

Hi-Fi RUSH and Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition are available for download through Steam or by purchasing either for the Xbox.