Is Hunter's Arena Legends Coming to Xbox?

Is Hunter's Arena Legends Coming to Xbox?
Is Hunter's Arena Legends Coming to Xbox? / Photo courtesy by Mantisco

Is Hunter's Arena: Legends coming to Xbox?

Hunter's Arena: Legends, a 30-player, combat-based battle royale game set in ancient Asia. Players will hunt down demons and other rival hunters using martial arts and swordplay on the battlefield.

Is Hunter's Arena Legends Coming to Xbox?

Hunter's Arena: Legends is set to be released on July 15, for Windows PC and Aug. 3, exclusively for PlayStation 4/5. The developers at Mantisco have not mentioned plans for an Xbox release. The game setting takes place in ancient Asia, once existing peace was shattered by Demons set free by an unknown power. This event triggered Hunters from around the globe to stop the chaos from spreading any further. The game will feature:

  • 30-player combat.
  • Solo play.
  • Trio play.
  • Survival: Free-for-All.
  • Tag Match.
  • Custom games.

The large map will include 12 areas to fight in such as outposts and castles. The map will also have a mixture of biomes including desert, tundra, and taiga. It will be a mixture of PvP and PvE, with monsters lurking around. Players will be able to use basic or advance combat techniques to survive the battle royale. these skills consist of:

  • Weapon Attacks
  • Martial Arts
  • Defense
  • Counter and Stun
  • Ambush
  • Escape Skill

For more information, check out Hunter's Arena: Legends website.