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Is Hunter's Arena: Legends Crossplay?

Is Hunter's Arena: Legends crossplay?
Is Hunter's Arena: Legends crossplay? / Photo courtesy of Mantisco

Is Hunter's Arena: Legends crossplay compatible? Cross-platform play is the new hotness in gaming, especially when combined with a battle royale such as Hunter's Arena: Legends, but it's never guaranteed a game will be able to swing crossplay. Offering crossplay is tricky, as it requires the acquiescence of all the platform holders involved, and Sony and Microsoft don't always play well together. Here's what we know about Hunter's Arena: Legends' crossplay capabilities.

Is Hunter's Arena: Legends Crossplay?

Hunter's Arena: Legends will allow players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC to play together when the game launches Aug. 3. This should help with the game's flagging player base, a problem that even developer Mantisco has admitted is hurting its potential.

Because Hunter's Arena: Legends won't be released for Xbox consoles (at least as far as Mantisco has said publicly), there won't be any crossplay going on across console lines. It's got as much crossplay as it possibly can be based on its release platforms.

Hunter's Arena: Legends pits 30 human Hunters against one another and against demons that have infested the land in an ancient and fictionalized Asia. Hunting down demons earns players special and powerful loot, which they can use to take out the other Hunters in sword-based, last-man-standing battle royale action.