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Is Hypercharge: Unboxed on Nintendo Switch?

Image courtesy of Digital Cybercherries

Hybercharge: Unboxed has been blowing up online lately, and gamers might be wondering: is it available on Nintendo Switch?

Hypercharge: Unboxed, the indie game that has taken the internet by storm in the last few weeks, reached the front page of Steam less than 24 hours ago. With over 90% positive ratings on Steam, and 94% of Google users liking the game, it's no surprise that it is finally getting the respect it deserves.

Is Hypercharge: Unboxed on Switch?

Hypercharge: Unboxed, brought to us by UK developers Digital Cybercherries, has been on the market since 2020. The game is available on Steam as well as Nintendo Switch. Mario lovers can purchase it digitally via the Nintendo Store.

Despite its popularity for PC players, Hypercharge: Unboxed did not rank in the top 30 games on Nintendo eShop last month. Based on the trending conversations surrounding this popular game, there is a high probability that next month it could break the top 30. That is, if Switch players aren't too busy with their islands on Animal Crossing, or defeating Bowser for the millionth time.