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Is HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed on Xbox?

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed / Photo courtesy of Digital Cybercherries

Players are trying to figure out if HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is available on Xbox.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is a shooter game centered around defending the land you are located on. With co-op and single player features, this wave-based game set in a toy soldier's world is sure to attract many different audiences.

After learning about the game, you may be wondering whether it's available to play on Xbox. Here's what we know about HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed's platforms.

Is HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed on Xbox?

At the time of writing, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is not on Xbox. It is only available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC users.

We can speculate that other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox could be possible for the future of HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. As of right now, there are no plans for its development on these platforms.

For Nintendo Switch and PC users, there are a few game modes available, including Defend, PvP, and Survive. Defend allows you to play alongside three friends as you protect an element, while PvP is the classic shooter style that is common throughout many games. Survive, which is coming soon, challenges you to stay alive while fighting hordes of toys.

Players have the ability to unlock various skins, earn XP, and access customizable options for weapons and characters. By letting soldiers go at their own rate throughout the game, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is flexible for multiple types of players.

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