Is It Takes Two Free-To-Play?

is the new action-adventure game free-to-play?
is the new action-adventure game free-to-play? / Photo Courtesy of Hazelight Studios

Is It Takes Two free-to-play? It's a question many will be interested in, especially with the co-op action-adventure game arriving imminently. The answer is sort of complicated and may be confusing for some, but we'll explain it here.

Is It Takes Two Free-To-Play?

The short answer is no, it isn't free-to-play. The game must be bought by someone to be able to play it. However, the game is also arriving with a system called a "friend's pass" that makes things slightly more complicated. With the friend's pass, players who have bought and own It Takes Two will be able to invite a friend to play the game. That friend won't need to purchase the game, and will be able to play it for free. In essence, although somebody has to buy the game, their friends won't need to buy it to play with them.

Now, there are some restrictions for this. While there is cross-gen play, meaning a PS4 player can play with a PS5 player, there isn't any cross-play. This means those who own an Xbox can't play with those on PC or a PlayStation. The friend who doesn't own the game also won't be able to start a play session, only the individual who made the purchase will be able to. So, in essence It Takes Two has some free-to-play elements but overall still needs to be purchased by someone in order to play it.

It Takes Two comes out Mach 26 on Steam, Origin, PlayStation, and Xbox.