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Is Knockout City Cross Platform?

Is Knockout City cross platform?
Is Knockout City cross platform? / courtesy of Electronic Arts

Is Knockout City cross platform?

Knockout City will be supporting cross-platform multiplayer feature for PC and various platforms.

Electronic Arts' newest game, Knockout city, is a competitive multiplayer game. Ever since the trailer was released, people have been excited for the game to release. It has been a single day since Knockout city has been officially out and the results have been highly positive. Check out the official gameplay trailer below.

Is Knockout City Cross Platform?

Knockout City is a multiplayer game that is based on teams as the trailer shows. Because of this, the availability of cross-platform is crucial to consider before purchasing the game.

For those who are not familiar with the term cross-platform, it is an online system where players can log into different devices to continue playing on the same account on the same server. Examples of this include Apex Legends and Genshin Impact.

Yes, Knockout city is a cross-platform game. It is very flexible on the server it shares. Here is a list of platforms that are supported:

  • PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store)
  • PS4, PS5
  • Xbox One,X,S
  • Nintendo Switch