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Is Knockout City Free on Nintendo Switch?

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts

Knockout City, the new multiplayer dodgeball game from Electronic Arts, is currently free until Level 25 on all platforms, announced the developers on Sunday.

In Knockout City, players form teams to engage in heated dodgeball battles, with plenty of special balls and abilities to spice up the gameplay. The game is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, and supports cross-platform multiplayer. This means that whatever platform your friends are on, you can all play Knockout City together.

Is Knockout City Free on Nintendo Switch?

When Knockout City released on May 21, it came with the Block Party promotion, allowing players to get the game for free during a 10-day window that ended on May 30. Although the Block Party free trial period has ended, EA announced that players new to the game can still pick up the title at no cost.

"If your friends are just joining us, they'll be able to play for free and level up to Street Rank 25 before purchasing the game," said the developers. This allows players to get a feel for the gameplay and mechanics, join their friends in a few matches, and then decide whether or not they want to purchase the game for $19.99.

As you head into the heat of the battle in Knockout City, make sure you keep in mind tips and tricks like turning into a ball or fake throwing. And if you want to stand out even more on the battlefield, read up on style chips so you can customize your character exactly the way you want it.