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Is Knockout City Free on Xbox?

courtesy of Electronic Arts

Knockout City has a price of $19.99 on Xbox after a free trial.

It has been almost a week since Electronic Arts released Knockout City. The online dodge ball game has been receiving extremely positive feedback so far.

Although the game may seem simple, there are cool tricks such as fake throws or curve balls that you can throw- as if you are really playing dodge ball. It is a great refreshment of a sport game to play during COVID-19.

Because the game is a team-based multiplayer game, you may be worried that there may not be enough players on the server to queue with. Do not worry- so far Knockout City has had a great number of players participating.

This may be because of the fact that Electronic Arts has set Knockout City on a free 10 day trial for all platforms of the game. Here are the platforms available to play Knockout City. The game is also cross platform if you have more than one of the electronics listed.

  • PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store)
  • PS4, PS5
  • Xbox One, X, S
  • Nintendo Switch

Xbox is also supported with a free 10 day trial on the Microsoft Store. After ten days, players will be asked to purchase the game to continue playing. The full price of the game is $19.99.

Make note that if you play on PC, you can play the game with a price of $5.00 with the EA Play subscription.