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Is Lost Ark Coming to the Steam Deck?

Photo courtesy of Smilegate
Photo courtesy of Smilegate /

Is Lost Ark coming to the Steam Deck?

Lost Ark, the well-received MMORPG, has just launched this past February on Steam to great success. Currently, the game sits with positive reviews, and was so popular that the publisher, Smilegate, had to add new servers just to handle the huge amount of traffic. Overall, it looks like Lost Ark has made a big splash in the MMORPG community.

Is Lost Ark Coming to the Steam Deck?

However, with the release of the Steam Deck, many fans have been wondering if the game might be coming to the new console anytime soon.

Sadly, to the disappointment of many Steam Deck enthusiasts, there's no official mention of anything in the works. As of now Smilegate, the publisher of Lost Ark, has made no statement confirming or denying the possibility as of the publishing of this article. Valve themselves have also made no mention of it on any of their social media.

While this may upset some fans of the MMO, there are potential reasons why it hasn't been announced yet. With the Steam Deck being so new, there are only so many games that can be made to fit on the Steam Deck at one time, and Valve most likely doesn't want to overload its store at the start of its launch. With Lost Ark's booming potential, it makes sense that Valve would try and port it over down the line. Smilegate is also working to fix server issues with the current build of the game, which has probably sapped a lot of their time and resources. Overall, while there is no current mention of a port, there's no reason why it wouldn't be added in later down the line.